Team Saltzmann Media

Small Team - Big Impact!

Who we are.

Our small tight knit team can produce professional results for your organization more quickly (and less expensively) than a larger firm ever could. We work very closely with you to ensure that the product or service you are expecting is effective and scale-able.
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!


Mr. Fix I.T.
Get it… I.T.?…#badjoke


Creative Director
Skilled in making bits, bytes, and ‘bites’


SaaS, PaaS, and IoT Specialist
Slow Down Girl.. baby steps!


30 Years IT Expertise
Professional Consulting Services

Caprice and Bella

Caprice – Disaster Recovery
Bella – CAT5, CAT6 Cabling

A Few Past Projects


Basic Web Development and Hosting Minimal Design and Mobile Ready


Hosting, Email, On-Demand Serverless Compute, Amazon Alexa Skill


Custom Web Development and Hosting with User Login and Social Capability

Cost and Fees

Contact for a Quote!

The pricing structure of our services are extremely flexible. Some projects are larger or smaller than others- and we understand! Give us a ring to see what we can do!

Any Questions?

How we roll.

1 Reach out! Call, email, text, snap, send a message by pigeon if you have to! We want to know about your project! After discussing the scope of your idea we can then set up a plan to deploy a solution or service. But talking is always the first step. Even if we can't help (highly unlikely) we can still point you in the right direction!

2We will want to round up everything you need to deploy the best possible solution or service for you. That means- getting high resolution graphics, data, username / passwords, and content! We move forward from there developing and rolling out a plan that works best for you. Keep in mind, E-Commerce solutions will need banking information in order to function properly!

3Completion! Success! Well, it doesn't end there. We want to make sure you understand how your solution works and what you can do to maintain it and protect it. We want to keep you informed on any reoccurring costs or training you might run into when you solution goes live! We are always a click or call away if you end up needing help down the road!