Build, Design, and Deploy
in Middletown, Ohio!

Let our team help take your project or business to the next level! We offer a variety of creative solutions and support.

Our Services


    My Affogato Web Design

    Affogato serves your web content on-the-go to mobile users more reliably… ever had low cell signal? Painful load times. You don’t want that for your customers, do you?

    Our infrastructure allows us to utilize an advanced content delivery network to keep your site online. We can detect and prevent malicious attacks on your site and applications.


    My Affogato Code Workers

    Build for Voice. Build for the Web. Build for ECommerce. Build- for fun!

    You might not need a website, but you do need something to do the heavy lifting. Call Saltzmann Media! We build applications for multi-platform use.


    Boundless Product Design

    Sometimes our code is our craft, but other times- our craft is our craft! Boundless curates collections of awesome artwork and practical pieces that you will fall in love with!

    Professional Consulting
    with an Affordable Price!

    Cost Saving Initiatives

    Hey! We know you like money. We like it too! Sometimes, you might be spending more than you ought to on products and services. We can help identify unnecessary costs!


    Saltzmann Media assists with deployment, or restructure, of an environment- keeping you organized with professional asset and configuration management.


    We move at the speed of business. Transform your organization’s processes and improve productivity in today’s modern world. Align your business objectives and outcomes.


    We live and breathe risk assessment, compliance, and governance. Our consultants are well versed in ISO, NIST, ITIL, GDPR … we can go on and on. Contact us!

    Already have a solution in place? We can help!